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@rixx Fair enough, I defer to your experience as an admin on it being a good idea.

FWIW I was imaging a utility script that admins themselves could run to automate some of the work that's done manually. Not a service. But thats neither here-nor-there if automation doesn't fit with the moderation work flows now.

I'll keep looking for scripting projects :)

@rixx @ordnung Is this something that could be automated with scripting through the mastodon API? I read the GitHub issue but am not familiar enough with the admin workflows to quite understand the problem and resolution.

Could the reply to a report function be implemented in a way that isn't directly integrated with the mastodon code base but executed through API calls made script?

I've been looking for some small projects to get more familiar with the API.

Ok. I solved it. Twitter does add an edit button but you have to express the edit as a regex and you only get one go and can't use ".*"

It's not just the Republicans who subvert voting. Forty-Sixth Democrat ward leader position stollen through stone walling, physical intimidation and homophobia.

No slipping, no sliding, no bumping, no bore
And I walk, right into le Bourget

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Brownian tree cellular automata 1000 generations. And with generation path walk

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